The character has limited psychic capacity that allows him to use one Psychic Ability subconsciously. He doesn't know the origin of the power neither has he complete control over it, but he can use it whenever he needs to.

Effect : The character can naturally use one specific Psychic Ability (See Psychic Disciplines). He is not a true psychic and cannot use Psychic Points to acquire new abilities or to harness the power that he has. His psychic potential is not based on willpower and does not require rolling dice, but automatically is Difficult. The chosen power can be of any level, but it cannot have a base requirement greater than Difficult. It can be used once per minute without the character suffering a penalty, but each additional use without the required rest inflicts 1 point of Fatigue. Spending additional CP increases the natural psychic potential to Very Difficult and Absurd, respectively.

Cost : 1, 2, 3 CP