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Welcome to the Anima RPG - Beyond Fantasy WikiEdit

This Wiki has two purposes: to explain the rules of the Anima RPG in an orderly fashion, and to give me and my players a place to put characters, short stories we've played in, and ideas for future adventures.

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  • edit Humans
    edited by Gamex7 diff
  • edit User:Gamex7
    edited by Gamex7 diff
    Added photo:
  • edit Map of the World
    edited by Gamex7 diff
    Summary: Added the map itself
    Added photo:
  • new page Map of the World
    created by A Wikia contributor
    New page: This is simply the map of the world from the Gaia book. I've taken the map and made it into a clear document for the sake of looking at the world...
    Summary: Added a page to place the world map.
  • new page Combat
    created by Gamex7
    New page: Combat is a large chapter in the main Gaia book, so I will try and keep it simple and inform you of the most basic things you need to know about...
    Summary: Completely begun the combat page, you can thank me later. <3
    Added photos:
  • new page Humans
    created by Gamex7
    New page: Humans vary from place to place and culture to culture being the most dominant race in all of Gaia. Here is a list of ethnic groups in the world of...
    Summary: I created the page, ripping all the information from the Gaia Beyond the Dreams book.
  • new page Summoning
    created by A Wikia contributor
    New page: Summoning is the power used by Summoners, and relies on 4 different skills: Summon, Control, Bind, and Banish. Each skill, when used in a Ritual, has...
    Summary: Added the beginning of the Summoning rules, not including Familiars or Invocations.
  • edit Secondary Abilities
    edited by A Wikia contributor diff
  • edit Armor
    edited by Gamex7 diff
    Summary: Added the whole armour section to the wiki :D
  • edit Armor
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    Summary: Added some prices and such for easy reference

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