Access to Natural Psychic PowersAccess to One Psychic DisciplineAcrobatic Warrior
Action RequirementAcute SensesAdd One Point to a Characteristic
Addiction or Serious ViceAdvantagesAikido
AmbidextrousAmplify Sustained PowerAnima RPG - Beyond Fantasy Wiki
Animal AffinityAptitude for Magical DevelopmentAptitude in a Field
Aptitude in a SubjectArchetypeArea Attack
AssassinAthleticsAtrophied Limb
Bad LuckBasic Game MechanicsBatto Jutsu
Been AroundBetween Life and DeathBlind
CapoeiraCharacter CreationCharacteristics
Combat ModulesContested Spell MasteryCreative
Danger SenseDark PaladinDeafness
Deduct Two Points from a CharacteristicDeep SleeperDifferent Type / Unarmed
DisadvantagesDisarming AttackDisquieting
DumahEasily PossessedElan
Elemental CompatibilityEmpEnuth
EquipmentExceptional Magic ResistanceExceptional Physical Resistance
Exceptional Psychic ResistanceExclusive WeaponExhausted
Extreme ConcentrationFocusFortunate
Free Access to Any Psychic DisciplineFreelancerGestureless Casting
Good LuckGrapplingHakyoukuken
Half-Attuned to the TreeHumansIllusionist
Immunity to Pain and FatigueImproved Innate MagicImprovised Weapons
Increase One Characteristic to NineIntellectualJack of All Trades
KempoKi DominionKi Recovery
Kung FuLearningLeveling
Light SleeperMagic Projection as AttackMagic Projection as Defense
Magical BlockageMagical ExhaustionMagical Ties
Map of the WorldMartial ArtsMartial Mastery
MelkaiahMentalistMixed-Class Weapon
ModifiersMuay ThaiMute
Mystical ArmorNatural ArmorNatural Knowledge of a Path
Natural LearnerNatural Learner, FieldNearsighted
NephilimNight VisionNo Concentration
One Power at a TimeOral RequirementPaladin
Passive ConcentrationPerceptivePhsysical Weakness
Precision AttackPrimary AbilitiesProjectile Weapons
Psychic ConsumptionPsychic ExhaustionPsychic Fatigue Resistance
Psychic InclinationPsychic Point RecoveryPsychic Projection Module
Quick ReflexesRaceRanger
RegenerationRepeat a Characteristics RollRequire Gestures
SamboSecondary AbilitiesSee Supernatural
SeleneSeraphiteSerious Illness
Severe AllergySevere PhobiaShadow
SicklySimilar WeaponsSlow Healer
Slow LearnerSlow ReactionsSlow Recovery of Magic
SocialSpecial MaterialsStarting Wealth
Superior Magic RecoverySusceptible to MagicSusceptible to Poisons
TaekwondoTai ChiTao
TechnicianTertiary StatisticsThe Gift
UnattractiveUncommon SizeUnfortunate
Unspoken CastingUntiringVelez
VigorVulnerable to Heat or ColdVulnerable to Pain
WarlockWarriorWarrior Mentalist
Warrior SummonerWeaponmasterWeapons
Whole-class WeaponsWizardWizard Mentalist
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File:Ebudan.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Examples of actions.jpg
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